Upgrading the 2+ years of Roamers Retreats, while bittersweet, has been an opportunity to create something bigger that provides more value to its attendees than back-to-back styled shoots. While retreats are awesome (10/10 recommend) and while it couldn’t have been more fun to host and meet all of the amazing and talented gals who came along, that was just the beginning.


We are so excited to introduce you to Roamers Workshop, the place for community, growth, education, and friendships that spring from roaming all around together. Investing in yourself not only as a business but as a human with an adventurous spirit and a taste for new experiences is something we both have learned is essential in more ways than one. So, here’s to saying yes to new adventures 🥂. Let’s roam together!



Hi guys!

It’s me, Beba! I have been shooting weddings for about 3 years now and brands for 1 1/2!!! There is seriously no greater feeling than being 110% obsessed with your life and I feel that every day of my life. I have the best husband out there, his name is Beau and together we have the cutest dog child, Belle! We live in Southern California and LOVE it. We can’t wait to explore the rest of the world.

Along with running my photography business, I have such a passion for bringing together a community and helping others reach their full potential! I can’t wait to help you grow and bloom! Being a part of each others journeys is going to be so dang fun!!





My name’s Aysia (sounds like Asia) & I’ve been shooting weddings and couples for a bit over 3 years! Fun fact: I graduated college with a degree in Graphic Design & did a year of design and lifestyle + brand photography full-time for a creative agency in downtown SD right after graduating. I went full-time for my own business just over 1.5 years ago after leaving the agency and haven’t looked back. I love couples and weddings but have also found this sweet space with lifestyle photography that allows for SO much creativity.

I have a pup and a cat and live 5 mins from the beach. I grew up in SD but lived in Australia for a few years while I was a teenager. Maybe I’ll be able to convince Beba we should host a workshop there (but seriously how incredible would that be). I love talking about photography, business, and life + feel so lucky to be a part of the creative community in Southern California, it’s the best. Can’t wait to meet you guys!


We are so excited to share this final piece of news before we launch tickets + applications next week on March 24th! While both of us are so excited to chat with you all about both wedding and brand photography, we firmly believe that collaboration is key and that there is just SO much to learn in this creative field that goes way beyond what we know or have experienced in our careers. While we’re confident that we both have valuable information to share with you, we wanted to bring along two insanely talented creatives to add even more value to your experience at Roamers Workshop.


Meet Heather Goodman!

From traveling the world with her camera in hand, taking beautiful photographs to share the stories of the places and the people she met, to living and creating in Hawaii, surrounded by the ocean and the people she loves most, Heather has been an advocate for doing good, loving big and making memories. She spent a few years shooting weddings and couples in Hawaii, however has since shifted into primarily creating incredible content for brands. She even has her own Sunbleached Swim line now! We are SO excited for our attendees to learn from her and hear her story. Head over to her instagram to learn a bit more about her!


Heather has built a life for herself and her family that is not only vibrant with color and goodness but rich with memories yet to be made. From documenting humans in their day-to-day lives in beautiful and vast locations around the world, to working with dream companies, and now having her very own swim line, Heather is someone we are so excited to learn from and talk to. We know she is going to rock your world!

sunbleached soul, ocean lover, photo taker & adventure seeker

"happy adventures with my little family"

Meet Lindsay Stevens!

We are so excited to share that one of our favorite adventure-loving, joy-seeking, brand photographers, Lindsay Stevens will be speaking at Roamers Workshop in July! Not only does she inspire women and girls to embrace the outdoors through her platform @outdoorsygals, she is also the founder of @roam.creative, a creative production agency dedicated to helping brands find growth through social media.


She’s worked with notable brands such as Roxy, Tiktok, Razor Scooters, Lexus, and Pura Vida Bracelets! From the salty shores of CA to the highest peaks of the Andes Mountains and from the Taj Mahal in India to the wild rainforests in Hawaii, Lindsay has documented life and all of the ups and downs that show up within it. She is one of the most inspirational people we’ve had the chance to meet. Lindsay specializes in making a living, living life on the go and we are so excited to learn from her!

joy seeker, wanderer, story maker & sunshine chaser

"Your remote work + outdoors hype gal"