We are so excited you're here!

Upgrading the 2+ years of Roamers Retreats, while bittersweet, has been an opportunity to create something bigger that provides more value to its attendees than back-to-back styled shoots. While retreats are awesome (10/10 recommend) and while it couldn’t have been more fun to host and meet all of the amazing and talented gals who came along, that was just the beginning.

We are so excited to introduce you to Roamers Workshop, the place for community, growth, education, and friendships that spring from roaming all around together. Investing in yourself not only as a business but as a human with an adventurous spirit and a taste for new experiences is something we both have learned is essential in more ways than one. So, here’s to saying yes to new adventures 🥂. Let’s roam together!

Excited would be such an understatement. We are over the moon stoked to share our journeys with you guys. There are a million and one wedding photographer workshops out there, which is why we are expanding ours out to more than just weddings. As a business owner, you can create that business to be anything in the world and we are here to help you discover that. We have both built our businesses to more than we had ever imagined. There is no limit of success you can achieve!

Doing all of that in some of the most amazing places around the world. We both love the coast. We thrive with the ocean air and salty-haired couples. Doing your job in places that you love makes you able to find inspiration and creativity that much more fun. We can’t wait to share it all with you.




Where will we stay?

Just like the retreats, we will have a HUGE house for everyone to stay in! We love doing it this way as it encourages even more connection with the other girls!


How does transportation work?

We suggest renting a car! Flights & transportation are not included in these workshops. Once all spots are filled, we will create a group so you can coordinate flights & rental cars with the others! Carpooling has been the most popular with the past retreats.


What will the sleeping arrangements look like?

When you first arrive, you’ll go pick your room! There may be bunk beds, air-mattresses, and/or sharing beds with others. All food + lodging is covered by us!


How many shoots will there be & what will they look like?

We are SO excited for these! Huge plans are in motion & you’ll have to come back in a couple of weeks to find out!


What will payment look like?

We are waiting to announce all of this until launch day. For now, there will be a payment plan available. However, there will be a slight discount if you decide to pay in full.


How are you prioritizing safety with the COVID-19 pandemic?

Just as with the Roamers Retreats in the past, a negative COVID test will be required in order to attend and masks will be worn in any public settings.

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