Boat Day

February 3, 2023

Something that is so special that comes with immersing yourself into a community is not only the growth you receive within your business, but also within yourself. Roamers has always prioritized CONNECTION and community. Every retreat has left behind friends and memories that last a lifetime and this last retreat in Cabo was no exception.

Last year we decided we wanted even more out of these retreats. They are long weeks filled with laughter, education, and beautiful scenery. (We’ve never done a retreat in an ‘ugly’ place haha) Most of the attendees are traveling from all over the world to come to these retreats so we thought… Why not add an extra day of FUN into it? No education, no learning, no scheduled shoots, just a completely free day for you to go and do whatever you may want!

Since we were in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, we figured we’d see who all would be down for a boat day out to the iconic arches. Immediately, everyone was in. Monica, of Details Darling, and her husband, Brad, found the perfect boat that included drinks, snacks, a full scheduled ride and park. It was perfect for our group. At the end of it they asked if we wanted to purchase these images and seeing the nostalgic that came from these.. we had to get them. I mean, LOOK. It looks like we just went on a ride in the early 2000s and they are a vibe?! Right?

It was so amazing seeing everyone take shots, jump off the top of the boat, swim out to the beach, and the CHAOS that ensued when we were out by the arches and everyone needed their pics. It was amazing. Little did the workers on the boat know that we were all photographers ourselves lol. The connection, laughter, the memories, and everything included was something out of an old movie considering we all had met each other just 3 prior.

The free days are always the most fun so we decided to dedicate a whole retreat for pure connection and fun! No education or organized shoots. and we are going to… BALI. Check it out here. You won’t want to miss out. It’s also (by far) the most affordable retreat we’ve done and are planning on doing!

Roamers Cabo attendees: WE LOVE YA!