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We are lucky to have some amazing connections in the industry after hosting so many events. These people want to work with YOU. Check them out here.


There are so many knowledgeable people in this industry. This is a great page to find some other creatives who offer FREE information as well!

ideas for you to put into action & grow

We want you to grow! This is a the place to get some ideas of how to do so. If you decide to put them into action, we want to help you achieve greatness.

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4 Productivity Tips for the Solopreneur

4 tips to increase your daily productivity so you can grow your business.

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Hosting a Styled Shoot in Joshua Tree

Styled shoots are SUCH an important aspect of getting content you love & are excited to share. The couple on the left has it all & available for you! That photo was at their wedding, at a venue they built (and own) and they want to work with YOU. Click the link below to learn more + get in contact with them.

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Ideas for you to grow your business


the simple Process:

This may seem obvious, but the one of the greatest "duh moment" business owners have had, but you can't expect to book what you haven't already done / aren't showing off. If you want to book more family shoots, DO more family shoots (yes, for free). You want to travel? TRAVEL. Find ways to afford it & get to it. If you want to grow your pinterest, POST on pinterest. Whatever you want to achieve, isn't going to get done unless you do it.

01. decide what you want

02. Set goals

03. do them

04. share it

05. become SUCCESSFUL


The simple process:

One of the best tips ever given is to not take advice from people you don't admire. Find those people you admire & let them inspire you! Having inspiring people in your life creates a physical vision for you to be motivated. Find what you love from them; is it their energy? is it what they are doing in their life? is it their instagram feed? Find out whatever it is. Then decide how you can make it your own and become successful in your own way. There is a fine line between being inspired & coping. Don't copy.

01. find that person

02. be inspired

03. what do you love about them?
04. be inspired again

05. make it your own


the simple process

There is nothing more motivating than having a good community. Emphasis on GOOD. Having people that are truly in your corner, will not only motivate you & inspire you. It will also open so many doors for you that you may never have expected. Put yourself out there; attend events, HOST events, join facebook groups, make connections in your area. The options are endless! Find people that are in your field & gravitate towards them, not away from them.

01. find your people

02. reach out

03. make friends

04. cheer them on

05. grow

want more?

Check out the Blog.

This is the space where there is tips like above, but even more in depth. the blog is updated every two weeks. if you have something specific you'd love to be covered, please reach out either via email or instagram dm. we'd love to hear your thoughts

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